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Tips for Safe Cycling and Driving

Spring is here and that means bicyclists will again be sharing local streets and roads in larger numbers, prompting the need for everyone on the road to pay greater attention to what's going on around them.

The Central Indiana Bicycling Association (CIBA) officially kicked off their cycling season this month. Together, with FitCity, CIBA wants to make sure Hoosiers are safe this cycling season. CIBA offers these safety tips for cyclists and motorists alike to make it easier to share the road this season.

Safety tips for cyclists:

  • Wear a helmet.
  • Be visible and predictable - wear bright colors, ride straight and in a predictable manner.
  • Use hand signals to indicate turns and stops.
  • Use a mirror to see traffic approaching from behind.
  • Ride with traffic, not against it.
  • Follow traffic rules as if you're driving a car.
  • Ride as close to the right-hand side of the road as practical.
  • Ride responsibly, and do not weave in and out of traffic.
  • Use lights if cycling at night.

Safety tips for motorists:

  • Be alert and remember that bicycles are more difficult to see than cars.
  • Don't honk - it can startle a cyclist and cause him to swerve.
  • Don't take a cyclist's speed for granted - many travel 25-30 mph or faster.
  • Yield to oncoming bikes when turning, just as you do for cars.
  • When passing, slow down and allow plenty of room (at least 3 feet) to clear the cyclist.
  • When exiting a car, use mirrors to check for cyclists before opening doors.

The best rule of thumb in all situations is to be prepared and to be aware. It takes effort to share the road, and a little effort goes a long way in keeping our streets and roads safe for all who travel them.

Learn more about cycling safety and ways to enjoy your ride at or Call 317-767-SPOKE or 317-466-9701.

FitCity and the Marion County Health Department encourage you to get up, get moving and enjoy the warmer weather. Bicycling riding is a fun, inexpensive form of exercise - and it's good for every part of your body. In addition to joining an organized CIBA ride, you and your family can enjoy several of Indiana's Greenways, Parks and paved bike trails. For more information about the resources near you, visit

FitCity is a community-wide childhood obesity campaign designed to educate and motivate local residents to make a healthy move and shake the title of the "tenth fattest state in the nation." To find fitness, nutrition or wellness resources around Indianapolis, local residents can call 2-1-1 or visit The Marion County Health Department is a proud sponsor and supporter of FitCity.

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