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Knozone Action Days Offer Important Health Warning

Through a partnership with the American Lung Association of Indiana and the Marion County Health Department, the City of Indianapolis Knozone program alerts local residents to weather conditions that could provide harmful to those with respiratory and other health issues.

Throughout the ozone season, air quality data is monitored. An air quality health advisory will be issued on those days when area ozone concentrations actually reach or exceed levels considered unhealthy for the general population to breathe.

Knozone Action Days are designated when air quality decreases due to heat, humidity, limited air movement and other factors. On these days the public is asked to take simple steps. These steps include not cutting grass until after 6 p.m., filling the care or other vehicle with gas until after six, to limit the time your vehicle idles and to use electricity wisely. While not representing great sacrifices, they do help reduce emissions that negatively impact the environment.

On these days, there are extra steps you can take to protect your health:

  • Children should reduce outdoor activities.
  • Healthy individuals should reduce outdoor activities.
  • If you must be outside, plan outdoor activities for the early morning or evening when ozone levels are lower.
  • Stay away from busy roads and other sources of air pollution when possible.
  • Avoid places with poor indoor air quality, such as smoky bars, workplaces or restaurants.
  • Use indoor air conditioning when possible.
  • Individuals, especially older adults, with respiratory ailments, including asthma, emphysema or chronic bronchitis, should limit outdoor activities. If breathing becomes difficult, go inside.

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