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Food Inspections Part of Race Weekend For Health Department

The Allstate 400 NASCAR race continues to attract large crowds who use the annual summer event to enjoy racing and eating. The Marion County Health Department plays an important role in inspecting all food service providers feeding the general public during the race weekend.

Inside the track, there are 69 concession stands, 35 specialty stands, 50 ice-cream/lemonade and pretzel locations. There are more than 1,200 workers and 60 beer and water vendors working for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway food and beverage services. During the Allstate 400, guests will:

  • Drink more than 15,000 of Coca-Cola
  • Use more than 475,000 lbs of ice
  • Consume enough hot dogs to circle the 2.5-mile oval two times
  • Eat nearly 10,000 pounds of hamburger
  • Eat more than 10 tons of French fries
  • Use more than 700 gallons of ketchup

The health department also inspects the bathrooms located at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.