Created on Monday, 23 February 2009 14:56

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Critical Role of Social Workers in Public Health Recognized in March

March is National Social Work and a time when the Marion County Health Department recognizes the many contributions provided to the community by the 18 members of the social services staff.

The last 12 months have provided an excellent example to the crucial role social workers play in Marion County. When tornadoes ripped through the city last summer, social workers were on the scene, helping to calm fractured nerves, provide housing assistance and the necessary follow-up. When conditions at an Indianapolis apartment complex caused the health department to close it down, social workers were on the scene, listening, comforting and helping to relocate the apartment residents.

The Social Services Department of the Marion County Health Department is comprised of 13 Master’s prepared Social Workers, 2 Master’s prepared Counselors, 1 Bachelor prepared Social Worker, and 2 office assistants.

“It is our goal as a department to promote well-being, advocate on behalf of our clients, assure access to health care, assess the health and psychosocial needs of our clients, and then develop preventative measures and intervention strategies to insure proper health maintenance,” said Frankye Johnson, administrator, social services. “I am appreciative to the dedicated staff of individuals working in our department, as well as the collaborative relationships we have with other departments within the MCHD, along with many external agencies and organizations which indeed assist us in providing services to the citizens of Marion County,” said Johnson.

In the coming months, health department social workers will continue to help those who have been affected by the national economic crisis.

“As the tough economic times continue, social work services provided by our staff, are paramount to the health and well-being of our over-stressed community,” said Faizah Mawusi, clinical coordinator, social services.

For more information about the Marion County Health Department’s social services program, please call 221-2364.