Environmental Court is a forum for Health & Hospital Corporation (HHC) to utilize civil lawsuits as an enforcement tool to ensure compliance with code standards Health & Hospital Code – hhcorp. Each year, several thousand civil lawsuits are filed to hold property owners responsible for local and state standards regarding minimum standards for the maintenance of their property. Additionally, actions may be brought regarding licensing and citations.

Environmental Court hearings are held at the Community Justice Center located at:
675 Justice Way, Indianapolis, IN 46203

Check: https://infax.com/docket/in-marion/?p=1104-403 for the hearing room assignment

If you have a pending case and would like to ask for a continuance, you should contact the staff at Environmental Court (phone: 317-327- 5349/fax: 317-327- 5590). Requests for a continuance must be made in writing and must comply with the Indiana Trial Rules (www.in.gov/judiciary/rules/trial_proc/index.html).