Code of the Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County

The Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County (HHC) is a municipal corporation established by Indiana Code 16-22-8. HHC operates a division of public health, the Marion County Health Department, and a division of public hospitals, Eskenazi Health. An appointed seven-member Board governs HHC. The Board has the authority to make and adopt appropriate ordinances. The ordinances adopted by the Board constitute The Code of the Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County.

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Chapter 1: Board

Chapter 2: Divisions

Chapter 3: Officers

Chapter 4: Definitions

Chapter 5: Repealed

Chapter 6: Public Employees Retirement Fund

Chapter 7: Communicable Diseases

Chapter 8: Food Safety

Chapter 9: Repealed

Chapter 10: Residential Property and Housing

Chapter 11: Repealed

Chapter 12: Solid Waste

Chapter 13: Wellfield Protection Standards

Chapter 14: Sewage Disposal Systems

Chapter 15: Eylash Extensions

Chapter 16: Aquatic Facilities, Aquatic Venues and Public Beaches

Chapter 17: Body Art Facilities

Chapter 18: Water Wells and Water Supply Systems

Chapter 19: Nonresidential Premises

Chapter 20: Hazardous Materials Management

Chapter 21: Enforcement Procedures and Administrative Hearings

Chapter 22: Ordinance Violations Bureau