Created on Thursday, 10 July 2008 08:38

Contact: Collette DuValle, 317-373-2391

Marion County Health Department 2008 Mosquito Season Fact Sheet

The goal of the Marion County Health Department mosquito control program is to lower the risk of local residents coming into contact with mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus. This is accomplished through monitoring and testing the local mosquito population, eliminating potential breeding sites and providing other control measures during the day and the evening.

Mosquitoes not only feast on human blood but target other mammals, as well as birds and amphibians. Generally, mosquitoes do not harm animals. However, some species of mosquitoes may play a role in transmitting heartworm in dogs. During times of high infestation, keep pets inside the house, a screened-in kennel or porch area. Avoid walking your pet during prime mosquito “feeding time”. Check with a veterinarian for preventive measures for dog heartworm.

For more information about services offered by mosquito control, call the Marion County Health Department at 221-7440.