Notice of Violation Issued for Building Owner, Call-in Line Established to Help Residents

June 20, 2013

INDIANAPOLIS – The Marion County Public Health Department confirms the presence of asbestos in a sample of material released during a warehouse fire at 220 S. Belmont Ave. As a result, the health department has issued an Emergency Notice of Violation to the owner of the building to remove and properly dispose of the materials spread by the fire.

The notice states that the building owner, Keith Sharp of Huntsville, Alabama, is in violation of three codes of the Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County. The codes address the presence of asbestos in the building and that materials containing asbestos were found in areas beyond the building’s property as a result of the fire.

According to the notice, the owner is required to employ a qualified professional to develop a plan to collect and dispose of all asbestos containing materials found on public and private property due to the fire. Details of the plan must be submitted in writing to the Marion County Public Health Department.

If the owner fails to correct the violations, the matter could go to court and result in additional fines.

Residents are also advised to not disturb any remaining debris from the fire that might be found in neighborhoods or around businesses.

“Touching the material, cutting grass or walking on areas near any material could release harmful fibers into the air,” said Dana Reed Wise, Chief, Bureau of Environmental Health at the Marion County Public Health Department.

Wise said that some people may choose to pick up the material themselves. Those who decide to do this should wet the material with water, place it in a sealed bag and store it in a safe place until a qualified person can pick it up

A special call-in line is being established by the Marion County Public Health Department to answer questions, record locations of fire debris and schedule material pick-up. Residents can call 221-2159 beginning at 8 a.m. on June 21. The line will be answered during normal business hours, with voice mail available for messages after business hours.

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Media Contact:
Curt Brantingham
Media/Public Information Coordinator